Calling All Dreamers! Share Your CP Dreams With Us!

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Calling All Dreamers! Share Your CP Dreams With Us!

At Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement, we are dedicated to a dream of a brighter future for all children with CP… one not just of acceptance, but of understanding, joy and improved quality of life.

In anticipation of an upcoming spring event, dubbed A Million Dreams, we are launching a campaign asking all those touched by CP in the Southern California area to let us know:

“What are you daring to dream for your CP child and yourselves? What steps have you already taken to overcome the barriers before you, in order to achieve your dreams? And, if you have achieved success, what has that looked like?”

We encourage you to attend our upcoming Oso Fit 5K & CP Kids Fun Walk/Run on Saturday, February 23rd in Mission Viejo. At this event, we will be collecting personal testimonies, as well as video footage of children overcoming barriers. You will also have the chance to write down your dreams and put them in our ‘Dream Catcher Box’ at our booth, at our post race reception.

Additionally, we will continue collecting your dreams and stories through March 15th — whether you are a child with CP, a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a treating physician, a treating therapist, or teacher to one or more of these amazing kids. We would love to know what dreams you wish to fulfill for your child with CP, or the children with CP that have touched your life.

Help us show that CP families are not alone, and that their children can lead optimal lives, marked by joy, friendship, acceptance and improved physical and emotional quality of life. Submit your stories via email, request an interview or submit a video, drawing, painting or sculpture that embodies your dreams for a brighter future.

On March 16th we will select stories that we would like to showcase at our upcoming event entitled “A Million Cerebral Palsy Dreams”.

If you are a child with CP, a CP parent, a sibling of someone with CP, a grandparent of a CP child, a treating doctor or therapist or case worker or teacher or friend of someone with CP… anyone who is determined to move mountains to achieve a dream for a brighter future for these children, let us know! Speak out! Share your dreams with us and share your heart, as we know that nothing becomes dynamic, until it becomes specific.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reach out to us via email at We cannot wait to hear what is on your mind, what you are longing to achieve or have achieved! Remember, parents and practitioners, we want to hear from you as well.

We are stronger together, so please reach out. Today is the day for a new beginning.

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