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Help by committing to improving the lives of children with Cerebral Palsy

Who Can Be a Mission Ambassador?

Anyone who believes in the overall mission of Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement (CCPM) – people who volunteer their time, sit on boards, donate money, attend events, and work to meet the same goal that our organization was created to meet!

How Can Mission Ambassadors Make a Difference?

Social Media: Mission ambassadors don’t need 15,000 followers to make an impact. They just need to have an engaged group of people who are also willing to spread the word! We make it easy with our targeted Media Kits for ambassadors to quickly share information with their followers. You can use our pre-made images or pull from our site to share or hashtag for our projects and events that will prompt engagement.

Networking or Speaking Engagements: If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your content or using social media, you can share our message in a way that’s most comfortable for you! Some of our ambassadors have represented CCPM at networking or fundraising events, conferences, or wherever they have a some spotlight to share.

Our hope is that our Mission Ambassadors can vouch wholeheartedly for CCPM and fight for our mission to be heard, understood, and adopted!

Quick Background

Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement (CCPM) has been a fully committed volunteer organization for more than 6 years. Our impact has spanned the gambit from first developing a therapeutic ballet program for children with CP, to provide them joy, social opportunities and greater physical use of their bodies. This was followed by a 4-year period of providing educational resources/seminars, support groups, and experiential opportunities for CP children and their families, including 3 annual community events. These events have included a 5K & Kids Fun Run in Mission Viejo, an adaptive egg hunt, and the capstone Dare to Dream Christmas Extravaganza. Fortunately, our organization has been able to continue through the years through a constant flow of donations from small donors, business sponsorships, and our event fundraising (i.e. Event ticket sales, raffles, etc.).

Within the past year, we have seen the needs of CP children and families change and become even greater than expected…needs we cannot possibly meet exclusively through local events. On that note, we have recently pushed to provide additional programming that can be accessible by all regardless of geography!

Covid-19 Impact

Like most businesses and organizations, CCPM has taken a severe hit in 2020. Years of success has felt like one year has crumbled all forward momentum. Traditionally being a heavily event based organization, all of our events were cancelled due to the pandemic. Furthermore, all of our fundraising came to a halt since all events had to be cancelled. Many individual donors and businesses who normally give, understandably are not giving because they are also feeling the squeeze. The bottom-line is that CCPM is a volunteer organization that relies on the hard work of its members and event fundraisers to stay in business. There are no government grants, no massive partnerships, no endowment and no major donors; we have been fueled simply by member support and our event fundraisers.

Getting Started: Box Project

With the timeline of the pandemic’s impact being unknown, CCPM sought to find creative avenues to financially survive and stay relevant as a resource in the CP world. Once the pandemic started and we all found ourselves in survival mode and searching for supplies like masks, hand sanitizer and even toilet paper, we found a perfect way to help. CCPM reached out to local businesses, community leaders, and used our own resources to create what we called the “CCPM Care Package”. We built, socially distanced and hand delivered these care packages directly to the doorsteps of as many CP families as possible. Since unusual resources are limited, we created an online form to properly streamline our operations based on supplies. We fulfilled requests as long as supplies lasted, and were delighted by the extraordinary responses of gratitude from the CP community.

This Care Package became the origin story for our specialty box projects; the solution to our immediate fundraising gap and our continued mission to help CP families. As such, we worked diligently to continue to source premium products to include in box kits (see projects below), which allowed us to gain revenue from sales of the boxes. The resulting boxes are high quality and used as targeted sales (tax-deductible gifts with donation) to the entire public. These sales would not only hold CCPM up, but also help underwrite the cost to provide some boxes at no cost to CP families. We also hope to implement an additional revenue source that would let businesses choose sponsorship levels to be able to essentially have ad space within our boxes. Different levels would provide deeper access to our database as well as our own external marketing efforts (social media, google ads, etc.). Ultimately, we are looking to produce a business model so we are not so reliant on donors.

Current Initiatives

As previously mentioned with the lasting impact of COVID-19, we will focus our awareness and efforts on our Box Projects to help fundraise for our organizations future programming. We ask that our ambassadors help with both the Bliss Kit and the Splendid Spring Box. With Mother’s Day coming up on May 9th, our Splendid Spring box is designed for mother and other special women. Additionally, holistic Bliss Kits make an amazing addition.

Since both boxes are significantly different, we hope that our supporters could/would elect to donate for both boxes. Please note that we do ship to all 50 states, whether this is for the individual donating or a gift for another!

Next Steps

Please use familiarize yourself with Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement  by reading through our site (feel free to contact us if you have any questions) and download our Media Kit. Our Media Kit includes flyers for you to email and a premade social post to throw up on your social media platforms. As ambassadors, we hope you can be the added muscle to help fuel our mission! Thank you for all that you will do for us!

Quantity: 25

Minimum Donation: $100.00

Landing Page Link: Splendid Spring Box

Quantity: 150

Minimum Donation: $100.00

Landing Page Link: Bliss Kit

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