Our Dare To Dream Christmas Extravaganza Was A Night Of Love, Laughter, And Joy

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Our Dare To Dream Christmas Extravaganza Was A Night Of Love, Laughter, And Joy

Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement (CCPM) started out with the goal of giving local CP children a chance to take part in activities and events that were difficult, or even impossible, to do. As we’ve grown, so has the scope of our programs and events. Our recent Dare To Dream Extravaganza was the most emotional and beautiful event yet, filled with so much joy that very few people left with dry eyes.

The event provided families with loads of holiday cheer, including singing, storytelling and gift giving with the help of Santa himself; a heartwarming holiday show put on by the Bob Baker Marionettes; the chance to print Dickens-era Victorian Christmas cards using antique printing presses; cookie decorating for the kids and more.

“Thank you for the awesome night! My family had so much fun! It was great seeing my kids happy to see Santa Claus, the super cute marionettes, and also being able to make some new friends.
Thank you again for an amazing night

This was a milestone for CCPM. Our dreams of connecting families in Orange County came to fruition. Parents of CP children discovered that they aren’t alone. Children with CP met others that face the same struggles, and were able to show each other how they’ve overcome their disability and, along the way, found ways to flourish.

On the last day of November we went to a special event called the Dare To Dream Christmas Extravaganza. It was an early Christmas party for kids with Cerebral Palsy. But it wasn’t like any ordinary party with Santa Claus. No, although he was there, it was so much more! The atmosphere was full of love and care. It proved to be an event for Cerebral Palsy families where everyone, children and caregivers alike, left feeling special. It was a wonderful time to relax and forget about our problems. Thank you, Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement, for organizing such a lovely event!


Families didn’t just have fun and meet other families facing the same struggles. They were also able to see how generous Orange County is. Countless businesses and individuals donated time, talents and treasures to our auctions, from small baskets of toys for kids, to high-end wines and fun experiences for families and adults. Each item represented a message to all of those parents and children; “you aren’t in this alone.” That message means more to these families than we can express.

Despite being a young non-profit, we’ve managed to bring out the absolute best in the community. We have cultivated a growing group of selfless and talented volunteers, and made connections in the community that has helped us provide such incredible events. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of the DREAM GIVERS who helped bring this dream to life!!! We could not have done it without you.

This may have been our final event of 2018, but it’s only the beginning for Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement (CCPM). We hope to see the love and support continue and look forward to having new friends in the CP community (CP caregivers, providers and educators) join our fight to continue to deliver important services that our families need, as we continue to prove that CP is a diagnosis, not a destiny!

Please reach out and take a stand for these worthy children and this worthy cause. It is truly amazing what a group of like-minded ordinary people can accomplish – TOGETHER!

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