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Dare To Dream Wrap-Up: What Dreams Are Made Of

Life is all about experiences… and at Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement, we believe kids with Cerebral Palsy deserve them too!

What began four years ago as a quest to transform the way children with Cerebral Palsy receive therapy, we focused on ways to give children the therapy they needed in ways that would bring their passions to life. We wanted to show children that their Cerebral Palsy didn’t need to stop them from experiencing new physical activities. Through programs like our Ability Ballet, a protocol touted as the wave of the future of treating “exercise as medicine,” we have given children a way to take part in the same activity as their peers while helping them stay active and healthy.

As exciting as this is, we recognized a pressing need to begin to unify and serve the CP community…to lift these families out of a place of isolation and trauma that so often limit them. We subsequently designed helpful programs to educate and support families, and later provided important social opportunities to connect with other CP families in the area.

At our 1stAnnual Oso Fit CP Kids Fun Run, and then our fall Dare to Dream Christmas Extravaganza, we continued to prove that CP families no longer need to feel alone. Our video from the Dare To Dream event captures the beauty and potential of the CP community, and shows the inherent power of an event crafted with these precious children in mind.

On the heels of this magical event that served more than 150 impacted by Cerebral Palsy, we are now on the cusp of yet another event – our 2ndAnnual Oso Fit 5K & CP Kids Fun Run – an event designed for children of all abilities – complete with running buddies.

We hope you are as touched by the smiles and laughter from these children as we were. Thank you again for all your love and support!


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