Join Maddie And CCPM October 14th At The 138th Bistango Art Exhibit!

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Join Maddie And CCPM October 14th At The 138th Bistango Art Exhibit!

This weekend, October 14 th , 2017, Children’s Cerebral Palsy Movement (CCPM) is proud to be working with one of Southern California’s most celebrated fine dining establishments, Bistango, in conjunction with their 138 th Fine Art Exhibit & Reception, to be held this Saturday from 3-5PM.

Bistango hasn’t just been serving critically acclaimed food since their opening in 1987. While their success has been founded on their diverse menu, they are also passionate lovers of art and have been curating and presenting incredible works of art since their inception, giving a face and voice to artists across the world. As part of their DiningAsArt experience, Bistango is poised to unveil their fall art exhibit this Saturday.

This year, in addition to showcasing an impressive list of acclaimed artists, Bistango has chosen to give back to the community by embracing CCPM, a local nonprofit that is dedicated to improving the quality of life and futures of children with Cerebral Palsy. To this end, Maddie Fragner, CCPM’s inspiration and poster child has been asked to not only attend, but to display the fruit of her creative talents – charmingly whimsical Kitty Cool greeting cards and prints – just in time for the holidays!

While attendees sip wine, sample pizza and mingle amongst the culturally rich art offerings, they will be treated to seeing and experiencing Maddie’s delightful holiday greeting cards and art prints, as well as be able to visit with a host of other acclaimed artists.

Each 5×7 card can be had for a donation of $5, while 5 cards may be selected, for a gift of $20. Additionally, 5×7 matted prints and 8×10 matted prints will be available, as well, in exchange for donation. Maddie’s art is not only evidence that Cerebral Palsy need not stop a person from doing what he or she loves, but it is a perfect example of Maddie’s incredible heart and dedication to helping other children like her across the globe. We hope you will join us at this incredible event that takes place Saturday, October 14th from 3-5PM. If you cannot make it, please make a point of placing your order today!

There are more than 16 images in the lineup, with more to come, just in time for the holidays and for year-round giving. Kitty Cools! They’re the ‘cat’s meow’. There’s no better way to show you care than by gifting one today. Better still, your gift is a gift that keeps giving, as it helps CCPM
underwrite its important community programming for children and families with Cerebral Palsy.

Thank you!

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